TRAPPED is my latest romantic suspense novel—heavy on the suspense but enough romance to add to the enjoyment. Being Christian Fiction, there’s also a spiritual message hidden in the pages of the story as well, and this one is no exception.

Angelina Matthews had the perfect life until the day she’s kidnapped and trapped in a basement with a mad man. Even though she’s rescued, she remains trapped by the memories she can’t forget. That’s true for so many of us. Even after the “bad situation” whatever that may be is resolved, we get stuck and can’t seem to move forward with our lives.

Instead, we’re angry and bitter or maybe sad and fearful or most likely a combination of all of those negative emotions.

In the story, her rescuer discovers that Angelina is indeed still trapped by her horrible experience. He’s had his own share of horrible as a Chicago policeman. Because of that, he reaches out to help Angelina.

One of the mantras in the story is “baby steps.” So often we think we have to go from a sitting position to a full-out run or we are a failure. It’s not true. Each baby step, we take will move us toward our ultimate goal–no matter what it is. It’s not important how fast we start but simply that we start. As the turtle and the hare found out–slow and steady wins the race!

One example from my own life is my weight loss journey. It took me a long, long, very long time to lose 60 pounds. I’m still holding at the 50 pound mark. It wasn’t easy! Some weeks, I would only see a miniscule loss even though I followed the plan perfectly. But each of those miniscule losses eventually led to a pound and another pound and another

Each baby step we take toward our goal is a win. Every win brings us closer to our ultimate victory!

But TRAPPED isn’t a self-help book, it’s a suspense novel. That means there’s lots of twists and turns that will keep you guessing who the bad guy is until the very end!

Here’s the AMAZON LINK.

To celebrate the release of TRAPPED, I’m having a giveaway! To find out more and to enter the giveaway, go to www.lillian-duncan. com 




  1. Just discovered your book, Messenger,
    I absolutely loved it.
    Terrifyingly possible.
    I don’t recommend too many things on my social media, but this I did.
    A very real and completely feasible concept.
    Thank you for writing a book I wish I’d thought of!
    Kari Grace


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