As promised, today I want to talk about my new devotional book, MEDITATION IS NOT A DIRTY WORD! It’s the companion devotional to my latest novel, The David Years. I chose this title because in The David Years, Nia gets involved with a questionable Christian group that uses meditation. The group may be questionable but the practice of meditation is not!


In fact, God has encouraged mediation from the beginning of time. The first reference to meditation is in Genesis which comes at the beginning of the Bible. Unfortunately, it’s often misunderstood in the Christian community. Through a series of devotions, it will guide you into godly meditation as well as encourage you to delve deeper into God’s Word.

I know that from my own life and experiences as I learn to live with my brain tumors that I couldn’t do it without God! The Bible gives us wisdom, power, peace and joy. But to access all of that and more, we need to study and meditate on the Bible.

And Meditation is NOT A Dirty Word! is FREE today on Amazon! Just click on the link. Easy Peasy!


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