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Kind words are ALWAYS  appreciated–by everybody! Here’s a few kind words others have said about  my books. If you read one and would like to add your own kind words, that would be awesome! Add it as a comment and then I’ll put it on the page.


  Contemporary inspirational writer, Mary Manners, winner of the 2012 IRCA for LIGHT THE FIRE: (

5 BEAUTIFUL STARS…  Lillian Duncan has a gift for writing romantic suspense and The Christmas Stalking is no exception. With an original storyline and characters that are rich and full of personality, she has managed to weave a plot full of twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat until the very last page. Now, I am only hoping for more from her!

P.T. Bradley:  Lillian Duncan hooked me on the first page, and I didn’t quit reading until I finished 73 pages later. The story unfolds with great suspense and just the right ending.

Donna M Basinow, a reader and writer:  Great story. I loved it! She had me totally off the scent right until the end. Suspense at its finest! I love how she brings it home that even performers are just regular people. And I just loved this scene where the story starts. Matter of fact, I loved everything about this story. Dig in, it’s great!

Julie Ardouni, a reader: The mystery element is strong in this book. However, I would have loved to have it longer and dive more into Holly and the other characters. As a fan of the Adirondacks, I selfishly wanted more so we could see more of the Serenity hamlet.

DECEPTION (2011) A Sisters By Choice novel:

Carol Young, a reader: I loved the suspense throughout the entire book. Patti Jakowski seems to be settled into an uneventful life-style until she gets a phone call from a little girl. Then, her life is turned upside down. I look forward to more Christian mysteries by Ms. Duncan.

Coffee Time Romance: This suspenseful, inspirational, well-written romantic fiction is an excellent example of its genre. The key players: police, FBI agent, Patti, Jamie and Carter are people of faith, but it is integrated in such a way that it reads realistically. The pace is professional, and the characters are well drawn–a fun read.

PURSUED (2011)

Chad Young, author of Authenticity: Real Faith in a Phony, Superficial WorldThis is one of the best Christian fiction books I’ve read – definitely the best suspense/drama book I’ve read in the Christian genre. Lillian Duncan is a good writer, and her strong character is evident throughout the book.

Lisa Lickel, co-author of A Summer in Oakville: :Duncan’s story was deliciously romantic and breathtakingly paced. Her characters were wonderfully portrayed and I was drawn into Reggie’s plight from the moment an ex-English teacher businessman drops her firm over a misplaced word. Those readers who enjoy some great kissing in between bullets and prayers will enjoy Pursued. ~

Deborah M. Piccurelli, author of Hush, Little Baby: Pursued is a story where big-city uptightness meets small-town humbleness. Literally. The plot is well-structured, and kept me turning the pages. Reggie and Dylan are interestingly unique characters I became attached to from page one. Lillian’s prose flows so smoothly, that it kept me going along at a good pace. The result: I had finished the book before I knew it. I recommend this book to all those who love straight romance, suspense, and romantic suspense.

Ada Brownell, author of Swallowed By Life :  The ultimate test of a good novel is the story told, and Lillian Duncan created a powerful story with Pursued.  Reggie is pursued by someone who is serious about killing her. She’s shot at, her phone is bugged, and bombs are placed on her car. The story is a great read, and that’s why I give it five stars it deserves!


Linda Rondeau, author of bestselling novel, It Really IS a Wonderful Life: I’m reading GMFL now. A very gripping story…page turning experience.

Joanna James, an author: This is a very exciting read which would appeal to any crowd. There’s action, adventure and a touch of mystery. Several times in the book I thought I knew who the perpetrators were, but each time I was proven wrong. It is well written and captivating. Hats off to the Author.

Glenda Parker, a reader: I loved this book about a woman’s journey to prove her husband didn’t do the things they said he did. She sets out to prove he is a man of God and was faithful to her. It was a great book and I know you will love reading it.

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