THE DAVID YEARS is the second novel in the Puzzle House series. It was released a little over a month ago. Life’s been a little crazy for me lately and so I forgot to talk about it here. I’m doing that now.

In Puzzle House, Nia was anointed to become a healer. THE DAVID YEARS starts out where Puzzle House stops but quickly moves to Nia’s high school graduation and first year in college. My college years are long, long past so I thought it might be hard to get into the mindset of a college student, but it really wasn’t. I thought back to all the mistakes I made during that time and the story took off from there!


Most of the book takes place after Nia’s high school graduation during her first year in college. She’s impatient to begin her time as healer and tries to make that happen in her timing—not God’s. But God will not be rushed and whether Nia likes it or not, she’s still in her David Years—her learning years. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, ‘we learn from our mistakes.’ Well, Nia learns a lot that year.

In other words, she makes a lot of mistakes.

Even though Nia is a college student, her story will resonate for anybody who’s facing changes in their life, no matter the age. We all have learning years throughout our lifetime—our very own David Years. Life changes whether we want it to or not. A new marriage. A baby. A divorce. A new job. Retirement. We all struggle with finding our place in the world, especially when life changes. The good news is that as Christians, we may not have all the answers, but we know where to find them–through God.

When I published PUZZLE HOUSE, I also wrote a devotional to go along with it. And, in fact, that’s the name of this blog now–DEVOTIONS FROM PUZZLE HOUSE. I did the same with THE DAVID YEARS. The devotional is called MEDITATION IS NOT A DIRTY WORD! I’ll tell you more about that next time.


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