Even The Demons…

James 2: 19

You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble!

Faith is not believing IN God.

As this verse tells us even the demons believe in God–and tremble.

Faith is not believing IN God, but rather believing God–his words; his promises; and his love!

God’s love–Above all, we must believe God loves us. Without knowing that, we can only fear and tremble–like the demons. But when we believe God loves us, that changes everything.

God’s Word–The Bible is filled with all that we need for a godly life. If we take time to get to know the Bible, it will keep us strong, in peace, and in joy–even in the midst of our darkest circumstance.

God’s promises–God’s Word is filled with promise after promise. We can trust those promises. But if we don’t know the promises, we can’t take comfort in them.

God is faithful to his word; his promises; his love; and best of all–to us!

Faith is nor believing In God, but rather believing and trusting God!



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