So writers like to do nerdy things like have a Word of the Year that they focus on as part of the Bible meditations. Last year, I had planned on NOT having a word of the year.

No particular reason, I just wasn’t feeling it. But in between Christmas and New Year’s, I was walking on my treadmill and a word popped into my head.


And there it was my word of the year whether I wanted one or not. Now being a flawed human being, I thought that word was about ME and my healing.

After all, I live with bilateral brain tumors, had recently started back on treatment for them, and have more than enough struggles to make my days interesting.

But I was wrong.

As the year went on, I developed more compassion for other people’s suffering, especially physical suffering (something I know about). My prayer life began to reflect that compassion. I wish I could tell you that I’m ending this year healthier (physically) than I began it. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. And that brings me to 2023’s Word of the Year which is…

I guess you’ll have to wait until New Year’s Day to find out.

See you then.


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