Philippians 13: 13

…but one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind me and straining toward what is ahead.


Oh my, we’re at Lesson 10! Already? I’ve loved reviewing these spiritual listening lessons as I shared by journey with a hula hoops. And even though this is Lesson 10, we’re not quite finished.

Ok, so shortly after I finished celebrating the fact I could finally hula hoop, I started to wonder why I didn’t find the right one sooner. Like a year and a half sooner? All that time wasted just because I didn’t get the right one to begin with.

Before I knew it, I was feeling aggravated and a little bit “dumb.” Instead of being joyful and feeling proud of my accomplishment, I felt like I’d done something wrong.

Regret will do that every time—if you let it.

Regret over the past will steal your present peace and joy—if you let it.  A much better choice would be to accept it, learn from it, and then move on.

Everyone has regrets. I know I do! They’re a fact of life, but we can’t get stuck in the negative emotions they come with them. When we get stuck, that’s when the regrets can destroy our present life and even our future. We need to learn from the past and then let go of it.  We need to keep reaching forward, not looking backwards!

I want to add something to this lesson. When we talk about this verse, we usually think of it in terms of forgetting the bad things so you can move forward. But in my case, I had to forget about the old me–the healthy me–the me that could hear perfectly; walk perfectly; and didn’t think about if I had enough energy for a specific activity. I could make the choice to wallow in self-pity about how things used to be, but that wouldn’t change anything–except to make me sad, angry, and/or bitter.

Instead I had to choose to forget the old me and learn to live in a “new normal.” Making that choice has allowed me to experience God’s supernatural peace and joy.


This is an excerpt/summarization from GOD, LIFE, & HULA HOOPS. To buy the book or get it free with Kindle Unlimited, click on the link.



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