Luke 15: 23

Bring the fattened calf and kill it. Let’s have a feast and celebrate.

 So after more than two years of trying to hula hoop, I finally was hula hooping! I admit I was really excited! You can tell because of all the exclamations points!!!

That first day I was able to keep it up for about a minute or so without it falling—and without me falling as well. Don’t forget I have balance issues because of the brain tumors so some days it’s a huge accomplishment just to stay upright. Each day I practiced and each day I had a little more to celebrate. When good things happen, we should celebrate. In Luke 15: 23, they were celebrating the return of the prodigal son; but not every celebration has to be for something that monumental.

Celebrating the small victories is just as important as celebrating the big ones.

I learned this lesson as a writer. When you don’t get a contract for 15 years, you have to find other ways to encourage yourself or you’ll quit. And quit I did more times than I can count. Of course, I always started again. Here’s a few of my celebrations during my writing journey:

Finally starting that story. You can’t be a writer (or whatever your dream is) if you don’t start. You’ve got to take that first step out of the boat or you can’t walk on the water.

Finishing the story. This is actually a huge accomplishment in itself and needs to be celebrated as such. A lot of people start writing, but not nearly as many finish the story.

Submitting for the first time. When you do this, be prepared emotionally for a rejection. If it doesn’t happen, then good for you! If it does happen, don’t be devastated. Learn from it.

Being rejected for the first time. Yes, I know that seems odd, but the truth is all writers get rejected. So getting that first rejection puts you in the company with John Grisham and Stephen King—and me. Isn’t that something to celebrate?

Starting another story after being rejected. If you really want to be a writer, you have to learn to write through the rejections, the disappointments, and the failures.

Life is the same way. Just because things didn’t go exactly the way you wanted, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing to celebrate.

So what if you didn’t lose 50 pounds, you lost 30. Celebrate!

So you didn’t get that dream job—yet! You did find a job. Celebrate!

So your child wasn’t the valedictorian, but he graduated. Celebrate!

Celebrating is about being thankful, appreciating God’s many blessings. Celebrating is only one form gratitude takes. Praise and thanksgiving are two more. Since being diagnosed, I’ve learned to be thankful to God, in spite of my brain tumors and all the resulting complications.

I believe gratitude is one of the most powerful spiritual weapons we have.

The Bible promises believers that we will overcome this world. That doesn’t mean that bad things, even tragedies, won’t happen to us here on earth. It means that one day we will stand before out Creator and He will dry every tear.

Now that’s something to celebrate!


This is an excerpt/summarization from GOD, LIFE, & HULA HOOPS. To buy the book or get it free with Kindle Unlimited, click on the link.


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