Psalm 119: 162

I rejoice in your word like the one who finds a great treasure.


So I started putting my faith into action. Even though I was saying I could hula hoop, it just wasn’t happening. So I did what we all do these days–I went to the Internet. I couldn’t believe how much information there was about hula hooping!

One thing I learned was that I was on the right track. It turns out that hula hooping is a great way to strengthen your core. And everyone knows that strengthening your core is good for you! Then I learned I wasn’t positioning my feet correctly and that the size of the hula hoop was important. And my hula hoop was too small! Imagine that! To my way of thinking, I thought the smaller the hula hoop the easier it would be to use it.

But again I was wrong.

So off to the store I went and bought a new hula hoop and this one had lights on it too. This time my husband helped me pick it. He showed me sparkly ones, ones with water in it, (don’t ask me, I have no idea why) pink ones, purple ones. I ended up with one that has some lights on it!

So another lesson learned.

The right tool is important!

Try mashing potatoes without a masher.

Try cutting wood without the right saw.

Try painting without the right supplies.

No matter what you’re trying to do, the right tool makes it easier and better. And that’s certainly true for life as well. And I’ll share a secret with you. I know the right tool for life.

The most important tool for life is…drumroll please….is The Bible.

The Bible is filled with all we need to know for a joy-filled life. Notice I didn’t say happy life. Happy depends on our circumstances; joy depends on our relationship with God. And one of the best ways to strengthen that relationship is through God’s Word.

By learning, studying, meditating, and applying God’s Word, you will develop not only a more intimate knowledge of God, but develop a more intimate relationship with Him. It is in that relationship that you will find the strength to endure the toughest of times, the patience to wait for God’s timing.

So, I had my new hula hoop and guess what? I was better but…not enough to say I was really hula hooping. I could keep the hoop up for maybe 20-30 seconds. That’s not hula hooping! So back to the Internet and I discovered, this new hula hoop was still too small.

I found one with the recommended height and weight and ordered it, hoping my husband would be out of the house when this one arrived. I could explain one and then two, but three?

Of course, he was home when it came.

Would this new hula hoop work?  Was it time to give up—finally? If this new hula hoop didn’t work, I’d be hanging up the spurs or rather the hula hoop. It’s good to persevere, but it’s also good to know when to give up.

So the next morning I went to the basement and stepped into my new hula hoop, positioned my legs, my body and the hula hoop. Then I get it a whirl and… it sort of toppled and swayed for a moment, then it took hold…and I hula hooped!

The right tool for the right job


This is an excerpt/summarization from GOD, LIFE, & HULA HOOPS. To buy the book or get it free with Kindle Unlimited, click on the link.


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