The Secret To Peace

Ephesians 4: 27 (ESV)

And do not give the Devil the opportunity to work.

Philippians 4: 7

And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard

your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Today as I was reading through my stack of index cards that I write Bible verses on, I read these two verses. Something clicked for me as I reread them. I realized that those two verses work together to show the secret to peace.  Let me explain.

For many of us life can be quite difficult. For me it’s physical because of my daily struggles with the aftermath of my brain tumors, but for others it can be emotional, financial, or some other situation in your life. The point is life can be difficult. We don’t always understand why that has to be, and that’s when we start to doubt God. And that’s when we give the Devil the opportunity to work.

The more we focus on our doubts, the happier the Devil is. He knows that he can destroy our faith the more we doubt God. But if we refuse to give him the opportunity in the first place, then the more peace we’ll have. A peace that doesn’t make sense in the natural, but God is not natural. He is supernatural! So the secret to peace is to replace our doubts with faith in God.

It’s not easy to do, I know. As much as God has revealed his faithfulness I still have moments of doubt. But as soon as I recognize it, I reaffirm my faith in God and soon my peace is restored. What an awesome God we serve!

God Bless & Good Reading!

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