Today’s guest writer is Judith A. Coopy,  a published poet and author who retired to the North Country (New York) after teaching English in China for 12 years. At the moment her works in progress are her China Memoir and a poetry book.

In 1988 I was going through a divorce, uncomfortable but not nasty. I struggled for a while and then received an invitation to work for a few weeks in a ministry in Juarez, Mexico.

I had waited on the Lord for years to receive this invitation.

In feeding the extreme poor, playing with their children, buying small daily necessities, and listening to their stories in my then very limited Spanish brought me through my own dark time.

In those few weeks God literally blessed me out of my socks (another beautiful story) and my doldrums. I am forever grateful for learning to wait on the Lord and listen to his word through others.

Thank you, Judith, for sharing your story with us. It’s a wonderful reminder that one of the ways to get through our own troubles is to focus on others.

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