My guest author today is Christina Rich.  Christina loves chatting about God’s never-ending grace, her family and writing. She is full-time housewife residing in Northeast Kansas with her husband and children. You can find more about her at www.christinarich.wordpress.com

Today’s God Encounter is a wonderful reminder that God hears our prayers.

Mark 10:15 (MSG)

“Mark this: Unless you accept God’s kingdom in the simplicity of a child, you’ll never get in.” Then, gathering the children up in his arms, he laid his hands of blessing on them. 

I’ve had several God encounters. At times I didn’t realize what they were, but as I drew closer and more confident in my relationship with Him I began to understand them for what they were.

Ten years ago this fall was one of those miraculous encounters. For months I had been having dreams, feeling as if I was being followed, seeing things. Dark spots, black shadows, black cars that weren’t there. It was eerie and a bit disconcerting.

I’d experienced some weird stuff before, but nothing like this.

I started praying. Obsessively, especially when I was certain that I was about to lose one of my children. I didn’t know exactly how or when. I remember being sad, but resigned if it was God’s will. I continued to pray.

On a fall Wednesday night we sat down at the dinner table. My son, then seven, offered up a prayer. Something like this: “Dear God, please give us each a hedge of protection as we go our separate ways. Thank you for this food. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

I remember how proud I was. I wasn’t sure he even knew what ‘hedge of protection meant’, but his child’s prayer, along with his bold assurance that God would see it done warmed me.

After dinner, we each did go our separate ways. My oldest to a youth hayrack ride, my husband, along with my two middle children to judo, my youngest and I to dance class. An hour later, my daughter and I returned home. It was unseasonably warm and she had asked to play outside. I remember telling her I’d be there in a minute. Next thing I know I see sparklers.

Sparklers in October?

My four year old daughter had stuck a piece of metal into both prongs of the outdoor outlet. She screamed her little head off. I freaked. Thankfully, our neighbor was an EMT. Even though she seemed fine, minus the blisters on each of her fingertips, we took her to the ER.

The ER doc came in, took one look at her and asked if her hair was curly before the incident. We laughed. My daughter had an entrance wound on her index finger and an exit wound at the base of her thumb, of which I was told by the doctor was unbelievable given that it should have gone straight to her heart and killed her.

We walked out of the ER, my daughter’s hand charred and blistered. The next day, nothing. No burns. No charring. No black spots. No black cars. Only a sense of peace that God heard a child’s prayer and performed a miracle.

Thanks, Christina. What a wonderful GOD ENCOUNTER. God protects us in so many ways, sometimes we know about them such as the case with Christina and her daughter and sometimes we don’t know, but this is a powerful reminder that God is in control.

SHARING TIME: When has God protected you or a loved one in an amazing supernatural way.

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