2 Timothy 3:16

 Every Holy Writing which comes from God is of profit for teaching, for training, for guiding, for education in righteousness:  

As I write this, most of the country has been experiencing a record hot summer and a drought situation as well. Now for you city folks that may not mean much, but I live in farm country and a drought means bad news for farmers.

The only plants that survive a drought are those plants whose root system is well-developed. And the same can be said for Christians facing adversity. Developing roots is the first and most important way to face adversity God’s way.

Ideally this should happen long before adversity shows its ugly face, but it’s never too late to start. How do you develop those roots?

By READING, STUDYING, AND UNDERSTANDING THE BIBLE.  This is the first step in facing adversity God’s way. I grew up in a church that focused on the saving power of Jesus which is wonderful, but didn’t focus as much on Bible Study—at least, I don’t remember that part if it was there.

When I renewed my faith as an adult, my new church was much more focused on the study of God’s Word. What a revelation it was to me to discover all the wisdom just waiting for me in that precious book.

It blew me away! I couldn’t believe how much I didn’t know about God and His Ways. I’m not good at memorizing so what I do is when I come across verses that are meaningful and speak to me is I write them on an index card. I keep that pile of cards by my computer and read them often.

This puts the truth and wisdom of God inside me and renews my mind. Some days I read a few and other days I go through the pile. Knowing God’s promises and God’s ways is the first step in facing whatever adversity comes your way.

An important point to remember is not to simply read the words but to put them in action.

James 1:22

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.

Not only did I study the Bible, but I read a lot of books from the experts. Again so much helpful wisdom and knowledge out there. Some of the authors I read were Rick Warren, Bruce Wilkinson, John Ortburg, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Chad Young among others.

As you read, study, and understand the Bible, amazing things will happen. You will come to know and understand God in a way that no other action does.

All the other steps of facing adversity God’s way flow from this first step. Hopefully, you’ve started this step before the adversity sets in, but it’s never too late. If you haven’t started yet, I suggest you start now.

The Bible is full of wisdom to help in any situation. The more you read and study God, His words and His ways the deeper your roots will grow. And those roots will keep you strong when that hurricane called adversity hits.


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