Revelation–Part 5

Jesus gives John messages to each of the seven Asia churches. When Jesus has a message—everyone should listen whether it’s addressed to you personally or not!

Chapters 2 and 3 in Revelation are the letters to the seven churches. If you haven’t read those chapters, it would be a good idea to do that now. Here’s a chart that shows each message to each specific church.

Go through the list of commendations and criticisms as honestly as you can. What are your commendations? What criticisms apply to you? And don’t forget to spend some time in the promises–those belong to you as well!

EphesusRejects evil; Perseveres; Has patienceLove for Christ no longer ferventDo the works you did at firstThe Tree of Life
SmyrnaGracefully bears suffering Be faithful until deathThe crown of life
PergamosKeeps the faith of ChristTolerates immorality, idolatry, heresiesRepentHidden manna and a stone w/ new name
ThyatiraLove, service, patience are greater than at firstTolerates idolatry and immoralityJudgment coming; keep the faithRule over nations; receive morning star
SardisSome have kept the faithA dead churchRepent; strengthens what remainsFaith honored; clothed in white
PhiladelphiaPerseveres in faith, keeps the Word of God, honors God Keep the faith.A place in God’s presence; a new name
Laodicea IndifferentBe zealous; repent.Share Christ’s throne

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