A Sure Thing!

Proverbs 11:18

…he who sows righteousness reaps a sure reward.

My last devotion was about God’s principle of reaping and sowing as is today’s. I keep coming across scriptures that talk about reaping and sowing. MMM…I wonder what God’s trying to tell me?

Anyway…this verse really “spoke” to me as I read it. A sure reward. Don’t you love that? Not a maybe, not a no, but a definite yes! A sure thing! But…you might be saying, “I have sowed righteousness for years and nothing changes in my life. I still have too many bills and not enough money. My husband and/or children still break my heart time and time again. Where’s my sure reward?”

I know! I know the answer! (Can you see me waving my hand to get the teacher’s attention?)

The answer is…drumroll…in heaven.

That might make you happy and it might not. We’ve become such a Now! Now! Now! society. I want it now not later! And that’s true for believers as well as non-believers. When we see a promise like this from God, we only think about the here and now. But God is about the eternal.

Sometimes we reap rewards here on earth and sometimes we don’t. But one thing is for sure–if we sow righteousness, we will reap a sure reward! God promises us that!

And that’s a wonderful promise–it’s a sure thing!

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