Isaiah 43: 19

See, I am doing a new thing…

God isn’t just about the same old–same old.

And we shouldn’t be either! We need to try new things. Sometimes, they’ll work and other times not so much. But we won’t know unless we give it a try. So in the spirit of the new year, I’m going to try something new here at Power Up With God’s Word. Instead of doing devotions as I’ve been doing, I thought it might be interesting to do an online Bible study group TOGETHER.

Did you see that word–TOGETHER?

TOGETHER meaning me and all of you. And the all of you part means I need to see some feedback. That means participating by making comments. I’d love to see some good discussion happening between all of us. Don’t be afraid to give your thoughts and opinions–even if they’re different from mine or other people.

We can learn from each other!

Anyway to get started, I’ve got three different ideas. Vote for the one you’d like–remember we’re in this TOGETHER! If I don’t get a sense that some of you are going to join me in this Bible study group…well then I won’t move forward with it.

Here’s my ideas:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM GOD! This study focuses on the amazing gifts God gives each of his children when we join his family.

BAD NEWS–GOOD NEWS! The bad news is that life can be really difficult. The good news God doesn’t leave us defenseless in the battles we have to fight.

TOPIC BY TOPIC–Instead of doing a long-term study like the first two, we’ll simply pick some topics and learn more about them, such as prayer or faith or love. These lessons will probably be 3-4 lessons in length.

OK–now it’s your turn. Vote for the one you’d like us to do.

And by the way if you’ve got a good idea for a name for our study group, share that with us as well!



  1. This sounds like a wonderful idea. I would vote for Good New Bad News. Maybe he name for the group could be Sisters in the Word.


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