Wear Your Calories with Thanksgiving by Pegg Thomas

Pegg  Thomas is my guest devotion writer today. She  lives on a small farm in Northern Michigan with her husband of mumble years. When not riding her old horse, shearing a sheep, or chasing a stray chicken, you’ll find her puttering in her garden or the kitchen. A self-proclaimed “history geek,” Pegg writes historical fiction with a touch of humor. You can link up with her at: http://www.twinwillowsfarm.com or http://thesheepishscribe.blogspot.com/

Wear Your Calories with Thanksgiving by Pegg Thomas

The holidays are almost here. Soon we’ll be bellied up to a Thanksgiving table groaning under its burden of seasonal delights. We celebrate with food! The smells of our holiday culinary traditions will delight our noses and expand our middles. At least, that’s what happens for many of us.

But it seems like every family has one – or even a scant handful – of members who can eat all day and burn off every calorie, right down to the last crouton. They suck up calories like a Hoover with a Hemi and can still slip through a snow fence after dinner.

The rest of us arrive prepared for dinner in our Sunday-go-to-eating clothes, made of wonder-stretch fabric and an elastic waist. We feebly protest that helping of golden roast turkey glazed with Grandma’s satin-smooth gravy. And maybe just a tiny spoonful of mashed potatoes. No, nothing else, this will be quite enough. Except perhaps a crust of that homemade bread and a half scoop of the cranberry gelatin, it is sugar-free, right?

We keep one eye on the family Hoover and wag our heads at the mountain of stuffing with its moat of gravy and the pile of yams swathed in melted marshmallows. We tsk-tsk and purse our lips at their second, or maybe third, helping of pie. We might even secretly hope they’ll choke on a bone in the mincemeat.

God’s gifts are to be appreciated. Every calorie was provided by Him. (Some of us show our appreciation by holding on to those gifts a little longer than others.) This year, praise Him if you have a table with enough goodness to test the meddle of your wonder-stretch fabric.

“From them will proceed thanksgiving And the voice of those who celebrate” ~ Jeremiah 30:19a

Don’t stress over the holiday calories – that’s what New Year’s resolutions are for! And send the leftovers home with the Hoover.

ThanksPegg, for a great reminder today. ENJOY THE HOLIDAY!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! May your day be filled with love, laughter, and lots of turkey!


  1. I love it! I’ll think about this while we are at our overly laden table. I’ve gone from being a Hover in my youth to a hoarder in my old age. Wonder if I can share some with the Hoover. Great post, Pegg. We do need to remember to give thanks for our bounty and the need to use some restraint, within reason of course.


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