1 Chronicles 16:34

O give thanks to the Lord for He is good; for his mercy and loving kindness endures forever. 


Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that means turkey–oops, I mean that we should be focusing on being thankful for the things in our life. Oh yeah, right? I’m supposed to be thankful for my brain tumors and how they are affecting my health and my life. That’s a little hard to do. God doesn’t really expect me to do that, does He?

To answer the question, no I don’t think God expects me to be happy I have brain tumors or all that I’m going through, but I think He doesn’t expect me to forget all the blessings He has done for me in the past, is doing for me in the present, and will do for me in the future. When we focus on the negatives in our life, we end up with blinders on. Not being able to see or to enjoy the blessings we have in spite of our circumstances.

But keeping a thankful attitude will keep you in God’s peace and joy.  I think praising God and be thankful in all circumstances go hand in hand. It’s a little hard not to be thankful when you’re praising God and it’s hard not to praise God when you’re thankful. So, if you feel a pity party coming on and who doesn’t when life get’s difficult, then put on your favorite praise music and sing of God’s great love.

I’m not saying it’s easy to be thankful when you’re in the middle of the storms, it’s not! Life is filled with tragedies, some big  and some little. But a lot of times we seem to lose sight of the big picture. This earth is not our home. His loving kindness endures forever. No matter how hard life is right now, it’s still temporary.  Heaven is waiting for us and that’s why we should be thankful!

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