I have an extra special treat today as a devotion today. My guest writer is Janet K. Brown who’s new devotional book  Divine Dining: 365 Devotions to Guide You to Healthier Weight and Abundant Wellness was released in December. Janet lives in Wichita Falls, Texas and loves to write, visit with grandkids, and travel with her husband in their RV. Divine Dining is her second published book. 4RV Publishing released her debut novel, Victoria and the Ghost, an inspirational YA.

Janet is willing to give away a print copy of her book. How nice is that!  This sounds like a devotional book, I’m going to be buying for myself.  Yes, I admit it–I need to lose a few pounds!  One of my goals for this year is to become healthier! And this looks like just the thing ot get me on my way. If you want to be considered to win the book, leave us a comment why. Winner will be chosen on January 28.


   “To him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy—“ Jude 24 NIV

If food compulsion is part of our carnal life, danger lurks whenever we leave God’s protection.

At a friend’s country home, we noticed a cactus bush three to four feet high with a nest of wrens on one side. We commented.

“That’s our wren cactus, our sanctuary for birds,” our friend told us.

On the other side of the bush, we spotted baby mockingbirds. Instead of flying to high places to be safe from the coyotes and deer, birds make their home here in a small bush. On examination, we noticed birds fly into the cactus without touching the prickly thorns. A larger animal would be unable to do that, so the birds make their nests in perfect safety right under the noses of their enemies.

Like the birds, God is our wren cactus. He protects us from certain defeat and destruction while in the presence of food that would tempt us. His loving arms encircle us. The enemy can’t get past His defense.

Prayer: When I’m at a restaurant or party, a pot luck or home by myself, I’m vulnerable without your hedge. Please protect me today, Lord.

I lost ninety-five pounds and have maintained the loss for seventeen years. One tool in my recovery remains the daily reading of inspirational books. I found my library incomplete when I searched for one that combined a twelve-step program with God as the Higher Power. The biggest secret to my success was giving up my will and letting God do it through me. I wrote a book of daily devotions that came from my journals and memories. This is one woman’s road for success. I pray these thoughts help others reach the same healing God gave to me. It’s all about God.

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