I  believe God showers us with unseen mercies every day. The car accident we didn’t have because we drove home a different way. The argument we didn’t have because we didn’t hear the phone ring. The bad decision we didn’t make.

We won’t know about these unseen mercies until we see His Glory, but that doesn’t mean God isn’t there protecting us in ways we can only imagine. The storm that didn’t happen. Here’s one example of unseen mercies.

My guest writer is Lee Carver and you can learn more about her at www.LeeCarverWriter.com


My husband and I were missionaries in retirement, while he served as a pilot over the Brazilian Amazon. Early one Saturday morning the palms bent and twisted in a fierce storm as the Gideons came to our house for the weekly meeting.

Our guests rushed across the patio. “Where’s Darrel?”

“He’s on a mission to a village about three hours from here.”

“Aren’t you afraid for him to fly in this weather?”

“No, he’s a good pilot in a safe airplane, and he knows what he can do.”

They agreed that they must pray for him, and his safety was mentioned numerous times in prayer that morning. But the element of fear in their eyes bothered me.

When Darrel returned safely that afternoon, I told him about the exchange.

“Funniest thing,” he replied. “When I headed back to Manaus, the sky was dark with thunderclouds. The storm scope showed weather all the way home. We considered landing to wait out the storm, but layers separated and moved right and left of our path. A perfect corridor opened up and we flew straight to the airport without any difficulty.”

Many believers feel that miracles ceased in Bible times. Not so. God is with us every day, still acting in wondrous ways in our lives.




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