Meeting God in a critique group?

Wade Wesbster is my guest writer today.A truck driver living in Plano, Texas Wade’s biggest claim to writing fame (according to him)  are his two meager blogs:


Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you…

Every writer remembers their first critique group. Most details of that evening escape me. It’s what happened two nights after the event that has stuck with me.

My flexible work schedule made going to one a challenge all its own. I finally was able to go to one near where I live. I headed straight to the church from work. The traffic was lighter than I anticipated. I showed up about an hour early.

I waited a while before I made my way to the upstairs room with the corresponding number I received in the email. There was one man in the room setting some chairs up in a square in anticipation of the full group of a dozen or more.

Being the neat-freak that I am I quickly realized that a circle would be more conducive for this activity, so I moved a few of the chairs. He introduced himself as David Fondren. The last name stuck with me because I’d run across it in my truck driving job. I was given an address on Fondren Street one day and the first thought that came into my mind was: “I bet that’s a typo.” It wasn’t. Now I was actually meeting one in person.

I learned this was his third time in this group. I didn’t bring anything to be critiqued. I wanted to take it all in my first time there. David had a chapter about the time his son was in a coma in Walter Reed after he’d lost both legs in Sadr City, Iraq. The writing needed work, but the story touched everybody’s heart. I went home vowing that the next time I would bring some of my own writing.

God has a funny way of getting my attention. His favorite way seems to be in the middle of the night with few distractions. That Tuesday night was one of those times.

I’ve found that when I can’t sleep it helps to listen to soft instrumental music. So I did. Before I know it I’m rewriting David’s chapter in my mind, and it sounded good. It took a while to track him down, and life has gotten in the way of writing his family’s incredible story, but it’ll be worth the wait. Perhaps after I’m published it’ll get the attention it deserves.






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