What Did the Father Do While the Son Was Lost?

It is my plan to have guest authors provide devotions on a semi-regular basis so you don’t get too tired of me.  Today’s guest author is Sherri Wilson Johnson who grew up as a PK (Preacher’s Kid) northwest of Atlanta. She is a former homeschooling mother, writer and speaker who loves to share her life with others. To learn more about Sherri, visit: http://sherriwilsonjohnson.com

What Did the Father Do While the Son Was Lost?

By Sherri Wilson Johnson

In Luke 15:11-32, we read the story of the son who wanted his share of his inheritance early. Not long after he gets his inheritance, he gathers his things and takes off for adventure. He squanders it while living wildly.

Guess what happens next?

He becomes destitute and has to feed the pigs to make a living. It doesn’t take him long to realize his father’s servants are better off than he is. He returns home and asks for his father’s forgiveness. He is willing to be a servant at this point.

What does the father do?

He throws a huge party and welcomes his son home. The older brother is jealous but the father explains to him the importance of welcoming back the stray son who once was lost but now is found.

This parable makes us think about the gratefulness of the wayward son, the mercy of the father, and also the resentment of the brother. We understand that the younger brother was off squandering his inheritance and spending his time with prostitutes while the older brother was faithful and worked hard all day in the fields.

But what did the father do while the son was gone? Did he sit paralyzed with worry and stress over where that son was? The Bible doesn’t tell us. But I imagine he carried on with his work because he knew that the family farm would turn to ruin if he didn’t.

How do we act when someone strays? Do we allow our fears and worries to keep us from continuing the Father’s work? Do we shrivel up and die while we wait for this person to return to the faith? No!

We all have work to do. God has given us a task specifically assigned to us in order for His work to be carried out. Although the vast majority will turn away from the Lord, Proverbs 22:6 tells us that when a child is trained in the way of the Lord, he will return to it. While we wait, we work faithfully and when they return, we rejoice!

SHARING TIME: For you parents out there, how do you cope with a wayward child?

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