Attitude is Everything!

Proverbs 17: 22

A cheerful heart is good medicine but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.

Yesterday I found out that I’m facing months of chemotherapy again for my brain tumors–third time actually–if the insurance company agrees. And of course, it comes right as I’m finally feeling better than I have in a long time. My chemo isn’t as bad as what a lot of people experience and for that I’m grateful. The main issue for me seems to be fatigue and it sabotages my weight loss.

My first reaction was to throw up my hands and say, “I give up!” Give up on trying to getting healthy. Give up on trying to lose more weight or even to maintain at this point. Just give up-give up-give up! But that didn’t seem to be the best attitude to have. And attitude is everything!

So I had my little pity party and then it was time to move on and be cheerful.

After all, the chemotherapy has saved my hearing twice in the past, and hopefully it will again. And that’s a really good thing! So what if I don’t feel quite as good for a while. So be it!

Attitude is everything! And I’m determined to have a good attitude–even if it kills me! That’s a joke! I’ve been dealing with my brain tumors for a little more than four years so I’ve learned a bit about how to keep a good attitude. Here’s some of the things I do to keep a cheerful heart in spite of difficult circumstances.

  1. Being thankful for all the good things in my life.
  2. Stay close to God through His Word. It’s amazing how powerful God’s Word is.
  3. Stay close to God through praying. The Bible encourages us to bring our petitions to God–so why not do it?
  4. Staying close to God through praising. Feeling down? Turn on some praise music or traditional hymns and be sure to sing along!
  5. Focus on other people–life isn’t just about me and my problems!

Those are some of my ways I keep a cheerful heart.

YOUR TURN:  What about you? What’s some of the ways you keep a cheerful heart in the midst of a storm?


Today’s Words of Wisdom

Proverbs 24: 16

For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again.

Bad things happen! That’s a fact of life, but giving up is not a godly option. When we fall, God wants us to pick ourselves up and rise again. It’s easy enough to pick ourselves up the first time and maybe the second time, but what about the tenth or the fiftieth?  I don’t think this verse means it’s ok to give up after the eight failure.  The point is not to give up–period.


Today’s Word of Wisdom

Psalm 28: 7

The Lord is my strength and my shield, my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped.

I love this verse.

The Lord is my strength and my shield.  Strength is  the same thing as power. Shield represents protection so…God is our protector and gives us the power we need.

My heart trusts in Him, and I  am helped.  It doesn’t say I’ll trust God after I’m helped. The trusting comes first. It’s hard to say God, I trust you when something awful happens but when we do, God will be there to help us through it. I wish we lived in a perfect world where bad things don’t happen, but we don’t.

Not yet! Some day, we will. In the meantime, God wants us to trust Him in spite of our circumstances.


Today’s Words of Wisdom

Another one of my favorite verses:

Isaiah 55: 8 (AMP)

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the Lord.

We can make ourselves a little bit crazy or a lot if we don’t remember this. GOD is GOD and His ways are perfect even when we don’t understand them. The best thing we can do (at least that’s what I think) is to remember that God loves us and to trust Him no matter what circumstances happen.


Today’s Words of Wisdom

Remember, there’s  not just wisdom to be found in God’s Word, there’s peace and joy and power. But they’re only words unless you put the words into action. So without further ado, here’s Today’s Words of Wisdom…

Philippians 2: 14 (NLT)

For God is working in you giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him.

God gives each of us jobs to do while we’re here on earth. Those jobs are varied and sometimes difficult. And sometimes even difficult to the point of  making us feel like it’s impossible. But God doesn’t leave us alone. This verse reminds us, if we are working to please God, He will give us the power to do that! What an awesome God!



Today’s Words of Wisdom

I’m so amazed and in awe of how much wisdom can be found in God’s Word. But not just wisdom, there’s peace and joy and power in the words. But they’re only words unless you put the words into action. So without further ado… Today’s Words of Wisdom…

1 Thessalonians 5: 16

Rejoice, pray, and give thanks.

This verse may be short but it’s packed with good advice!

Rejoice–don’t just ignore the good things in life, rejoice in them!

Pray–There’s a verse that says pray without ceasing. God wants to keep that connection with us. Praying is the way to do that!

Give thanks–nothing can change our attitude more than being thankful for what we have.

I believe if you do these three things on a regular basis, you’ll be filled with God’s peace and joy. And who doesn’t want that?